Morning General Assembly

informal education at school general assemblyMorning General Assembly starts in a serene atmosphere . At the stroke of the bell children fron their class room (after giving attendance) come out in a orderlay manner and march to the assembly ground while coming to the assembly ground they are exposed to the Indian classiclal music piece or patriotic song sung by the singing group of thel school under the guidance of Music Teacher Mrs.Sandhya Bardapurkar .

school general assembly

children assemble on the school ground class wise in the cheerful and joyous mood created by the music and lush green surroundings

after children are set in lines(Coloumns) and files(Rows)  the assembly starts with prayer “Daya Kar Dan Vidya Ka ” followed by the pledge .

There is class wise assembly system wherein daily the assemnbly item are presented by class on turn.

After the news , thought of the day special Item No. 1 and NO 2 presented in the own style of the class (some time skit,some time poems ,song , etc) the meditation session starts after meditation the children go to their classes in a orderly manner The assembly is of the duration of 25 Min.

On every Wdenesday there is a programme Teachers talk wherein faculty member on turn addresses children on excellence, general awsarness, etiquettes , communication, body laguage, writing and reading skill etc.

following is the list of Item No. 1 and 2 produced in the general assembly for last decade

The topic for special item in general assembly for the year 2009-2010.

Every year one special topic is selected on which daily in morning the child of the house on duty reads out general assembly valuable information to the students.

01. For the year 1997-1998 the topic: –           Profile of freedom fighters.  (Daily one)   

 02. For the year 1998-1999 the topic:-            Profile of one scientist along  with discovery.                                                                                                                    (Daily one)

03. For the year 1999-2000 the topic:-           “Kabir” meaning of Doha With short Story  story                                                                                               (Daily one)                                                              

 04. For the year 2000-2001 the topic:-             Information  technology(Basic concept)

                                                                                                               (Daily One)

05. For the Year 2001-2002 the topic:-            Pollution ; Types, Causes and control

06. For the year 2002-2003 the topic:            Geography; Facts and figures about

                                                                                              Our -Earth and Universe as a whole.

07. For the Year 2003-2004 the topic              Value Education; Daily one short

                                                                                                      Moral story is read out

08. For the Year 2004-2005 the topic      1. Nobel Prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagore

                                                                                     his life, work and philosophy. Thursday, Fri,& Saturday

                                                                                       2. Value Education Mon.Tuesday, Wednesday

 For the Year 2005-2006 the topic                 1. Nobel Prize winner Indian 

For the Year 2006-2007 the topic                1.  Why and how? Important questions asked at

                                                                                          Various examinations are read out with ans.

                                                                                          2.   Value Education with short meaningful


    3.  Informal education:-                                             “When Children teach Basic concepts ,definations

                                                                                                     by children and for children

    Children learn more effectively when cilldren teach, following this daily conceptual knowledge of one subject is discussed form stage in general assembly by students Questions to test understanding are asked and those giving answers are suitably      awarded

 Monday:- Language Day Conversational English is taught by children by demonstrations

 Tuesday:- Extempore speech the topics for the speech are picked up at random by picking up the topic written chit

 Wednesday:- 1. Library day :- children read out the review of the books or article or poem read by them In the library periods.

                     2. History :- particular era or topic of the unit is presented from stage followed by questions

Thursday:- 1.Science club Day:- project /experiment/concept is presented to make its clear understanding

Friday :     1.Mathematics Day:- Vedic Mathematics and maths project is explained by students followed by questions

Year 2007-2008                                 Cleanliness of surounding, mind and body

Year 2008-2009                                   What How and when to eat  Healthy and nutrition 

Year 2009-2010                                   Global warming

year 2010-2011                                     Biodiversity

Year 2010-2011                                      Bio Diversity

Wednesdayand Saturday

General Assembly on these two days is little different than the daily routine Wednesday as a Mass PT day and Satruday being Scout /Guide Day  is specially designed for Scouts and Guides and starts with Zanda Geet and Scout/Guide pledge





“Those who open schools close Prisons”

Indian railway has opened many schools, where young and unpolluted minds are guided to righteous life.  Railway thus has a contribution in shaping the destiny of the nation. This central railway Sr.sec.English medium school having glorious history of 137 years earns the distinction of being one of the pioneering educational institutions on entire Indian railways The school, than known as “Anglo Indian school “was established way-back in the year 1873. This momentous building of primary section epitomizes the humble beginning of the School with two classes and 20 children. The then small seedling has metamorphosed in to a big shady tree. This transformation has resulted in to a full fledged senior secondary school which is effectively satisfying the educational need of more than 1690 wards of railway employees. The visitors’ book of the school, The fountain of inspiration, is the testimony to the visits of icons of society, technocrats, social workers, distinguished personalities and VIPs. It was a memorable day in the history of the school when His Excellency the Prince of Wales visited this school on 31st day of January 1922.

Railway Officers from Divisional office and Head quarters Mumbai visit and inspect the school regularly.  Visits of such eminent personalities are always stimulating & help in further improvement. With the expansion of the school the need for an additional accommodation was felt. The new building to house the classes from VI to XII was inaugurated by the then Railway Minister Mr. Madhu Dandawate in the year 1978.

The school , located away from city and near the Tapti river, is glad to be in touch with the small town community. The presence of Boudha Vihar, Mosque, durga Temple, and Church around make school the centre of learning without any discrimination .The lush green surrounding adds to the tranquility and create right ambiance to give impetus to the academic activity.

Education here at the school is provided as per the dictates of C.B.S.E. with instruction being provided {for all classes from STD. I to XII {with three streams Humanities, Commerce and Science} through English. Under the able guidance of Hon’ble Divisional Railway Manager the school has made a peerless performance Board of Governors with, Additional Divisional Railway Manager as the Chairman and Sr.D.P.O as convener & coordinating authority plays significant role in the advancement of school.

The portraits of freedom fighters, statesman and educationists inspire the onlookers and adorn the corridor . The periodical progress of children and their creative work is displayed at the entrance which is a one of the motivating factors for student community to excel in the field of their choice.  Numbers of potted plants add to the beauty of the interior of building and exhibits awareness and interest of children in the green wealth. The potted plants not only embellish the corridors but add to the serenity and promote golden silence. The pots are prepared in the school by the students under the project “earn while learn “in SUPW subject. Mr.M.Ahmed Assistant Teacher is associated with this project .The students have so far successfully prepared 150+ pots  School has stunning campus with more than 150 trees and gardens developed and maintained by schools’ green brigade of eco-club , under the guidance and supervision of Mr. clement. Children take care of school campus by way of shram Dan 

The school routine begins with General Assembly Children come out of their class rooms on the march past tune played by school band. The school begins its working with a prayer in joyous morning which makes the commencement of activities cheerful. Under the well defined and organized system, the Class  on duty for the Day conducts the general assembly in blissful environment. The daily assembly of 20 min. includes news & thought of the day, question of the day and medidation.  The morals and values are inculcated through special items No.1 and 2 read out at the general assembly by students of house on duty. The Wednesday assembly is special as it includes Mass P.T. Wednesday quiz is special attraction & the winners of the quiz are awarded on the spot. Puzzle of the day and question of the day motivate children to update their knowledge and use their mental ability .The winners of the puzzle are also awarded suitably on the spot in assembly. Saturday is scouts and guides day and assembly begins with scout prayer, scout flag hoisting, salute to the flag, Zenda geet and other activities. Children fully stirred for the academic activity go to their class rooms in orderly manner. Well known educationists and philosopher Dr.Radhakrishnan while expressing his views on education says “In education the most important factor must be the inspiring atmosphere of creative activity therefore the Primary function of universities schools and colleges should be the constructive work of knowledge.

The classrooms are decorated educationally which creates much needed class room atmosphere and stimulate informal learning Mahatma Ghandiji while unfolding the objective of education says I quote ” children should be brought together and full scope to be given to them for their intelactual exploration and creation” Unqote. Conforming to these inspiring thoughts, the project of classroom decoration was launched in the year 1998 With the aim of involving children in making their projects in the school and to imbibe in them the spirit of working to gather as team. Every year different theme is worked out to beautify the class rooms .This year it is; to make classrooms a subject laboratory. What children learn in the classroom as theory is verified and supported by the practical work in the laboratories namely Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and social science. The new concept of open air Mathematics laboratory has created interest among children for the subject The mathematics lab induces learning while doing. Primary section children also take benefit of mathematics and science laboratories the primary section classes are also decorated meaningfully to promote informal learning and self study. Children learn by example to care for each other and to share the views. School promotes group learning wherein they help one another and under stand the concept this attitude of mutual trust and caring can also be observed during the Tiffin break when they sit to gather and share the food as well. For multifaceted personality development and to explore the latent  and budding talents various inter house and inter school activities are planned. The Co-curricular activities (C.C.A.) are organized on every Saturday in two nominated CCA periods The wide range of activities from toy making, fency dress to quiz, aptitude tests, brain storming sessions ,  elocution  , dancing drawing and painting competitions  etc give adequate exposure to the hidden talent of children. Music is the integral part of syllabus children learn instruments of their choice and singing during music periods  this refreshes them to concentrate in their studies. 


To imbibe this and to make children realize their creative potential the idea of bringing out Annual School Magazine struck the right cord and the First issue of the school magazine was released on 26th January 1989 since then for last 15 years it is Uninterrupted printing of Souvenir the annual School magazine is released on 26th Day of January every year by Hon’ble DRM Sir. School Magazine is effective medium to introduce children to the problems the country and society is confronted with for ex. When the epitome of democracy was attacked the school came out with special issue similarly when the integrity of the nation was safeguarded by  heroic act of Indian Army the special issue to pay tribute for the Himalayan sacrifice of many known and unknown people  was brought out. Our beloved Priminister Hon’ble Atal Bihar Vajpayee blessed the school by his message in school magazine. The magazine was acclaimed by one and all and it found place in CENBOSEC the quarterly bulletin published by CBSE.

The magazine every year is dedicated to a particular theme it has become the integral part of school creative activity Mr. Khan is joined with this for last 16 years. To promote and create interest in reading further, it was thought of giving children opportunity more frequently to bring out their views on variety of subjects. The idea of Monthly news bulletin was conceived by Mr.D.V.Patwardhan the editor of monthly news bulletin who worked on this and the team efforts produced the results It was yet another feather in the school cap when the first issue of the monthly news buletin “RESONANCE “was released in June 2002 by the than DRM Hon’ble shri S, K.Malik, since then it has become a regular feature. This school is first on central railway to come out with monthly news bulletin and school magazine as well. This literary work of children and teachers is admired and recognized by wide section of people.Assistant Secretary CBSE and  Principal of Birla institute are among large number of people who have appreciated the “Resonance “for its reading value. School library, the growth center, has more than 4000 books on variety of subjects. Every class has two library periods per week wherein they are exposed to the world of books.   Carrier corner in the library facilitates children to prepare for IIT entrances test, Olympiads, USO examinations and many other competitive examinations of all India level. Students have secured rank in physics and chemistry at all India level .and have brought many laurels to the school The school has earned the distinction of being the best on entire INDIAN RAILWAYS and declared as the BEST SCHOOL this year again 9th time in a row on whole of Central railway. The coveted G.M trophy, Railway Board Trophy, and best school of vicinity trophy, are some of the achievements the school is proud of Students of this institution, have for last five years in a row, earned the PRESTIGIOUS BEST SUTDENT award on whole of Central Railway.

It is a matter of great pride that railway school of central railway was on national scene when computer literecy projet won the first prize in whole of maharashtra state and won the President award for the project .His excellency and president Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam honoured the school with trop0hy. 

It was a great moment for the school when Dr.V.S.Namjoshi was shortlisted and nominated for the president award by CBSE

 The School is recognized in the academic world for its progress, approach, and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the two hallmarks of its philosophy, educational leadership and scholarly achievements– its mission. These gems of the school making new records of high percentage as 95% and 94 % at public examination that is All India Secondary and All India Senior Secondary school examinations continue to inspire the children and made corridors and school elegant. This spectacular progress and glittering performance of the school is due to the team work of highly qualified, experienced and assiduous faculty members working under the able guidance of our beloved DRM sir, whose time to time encouragement and motivation is stimulating us to excel. The school management committee,  headed by ADRM Sir  as Chairman and Sr.DPO as convener and coordinating authority, is guiding the school for its  all round progress.  The women social service committee Bhusawal the esteemed organization has opened a computer center at the school. This well equipped computer center provides an unique opportunity to the wards to railway employees to learn the advanced technology. It is due to the generous and considerate views of the president of WSSC that three more computers are added this year. This has enabled the school to extend the facility of computer education to large number of students. The esteemed organization has helped in setting up the school library and has donated class room furniture. It is because of this admired organisation that the basic amenities like safe drinking water etc. and many other facilities like PA system, fax machine etc. are available here for the children of railway man. With the benediction of DRM sir, best wishes of officers, guidance of chairman SMC, assistance from WSSC , cooperation of faculty members and parent the school will continue to march ahead.